Meet the team


Founder & Creative Director

London, UK

Tanya founded Ibex in early 2020, having honed her communications expertise first as a lawyer, and then as a humanitarian communications specialist. Having worked in-house and in the field for various international NGOs, she recognised a great need within the sector for something really quite specific – on the one hand, she was connected with an assortment of talented creatives, all of whom sought to lend their ideas to the sector in which she was immersed. On the other hand, here was a sector that regularly found itself in need of quick-fire communication solutions but often with little knowledge of how to get such projects under way.

Tanya founded and now runs Ibex as a bridge between the two worlds, enabling those creative minds to have greater impact whilst providing solutions to the communications barriers faced by a sector she loves.


Brand & Development Lead

Birmingham, UK

Shannon is a designer and illustrator with experience working across commercial and NGO settings. She sees design as the “art of the useful”, with particular interest in making complex information accessible and engaging.

Shannon enjoys connecting with creatives and client organisations — and watching what can happen when they’re brought together: design that amplifies the essential communications of humanitarian groups and communities they work with.

She is particularly interested in how information can be shared clearly and effectively, and the questions that raises. How is the reading of a graphic or text affected by personal experience? Environment? Culture? She was drawn to working within the sector because it allows her to keep learning from these questions, whilst facilitating collaborations between people across the globe.

Jessica Van Schalkwyk

Digital Communications Lead

Cape Town, South Africa

Jess is a philanthropist by heart and a Disaster Manager by trade and passion. She currently works in South Africa as a Professional Disaster Manager, and as a consultant for Ibex Ideas as the Digital Communications Lead. 

After completing her post-graduate degree in Disaster Management, Jess spent several years working in the field with a leading volunteer-powered NGO. Jess occupied several roles, including Digital Channels Coordinator, Communications Specialist and Immediate Response Team Member, through which she supported 17 disaster-relief programmes globally. 

Having found herself in the intersection of Marketing and Operations, Jess was responsible for taking complex field information and translating it into understandable, impactful language for donors, partners and volunteers. Here she found a passion for communication in the humanitarian sector and identified the importance of sharing an organisation’s mission in a clear and succinct manner. 

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