Frequently asked questions

Our aim is to support the aid sector as a whole, to facilitate the flow of communication between all stakeholders, including UN organisations, government agencies, and local communities. Given our remit, this does mean that the majority of our clients are international NGOs, but our approach is inclusive, and we will work with anyone whose values align with our own.

Our core offering is focused on creative services, translating complex terminology into something more visual that will appeal to varied audiences. Depending on the project, this does at times require looking at a communications problem through a more strategic lens and is certainly something our Communications Specialists are equipped to offer. Where relevant, we’ve produced both internal and external communications strategies for clients over the years.

Yes! Whilst we don’t offer in-house printing services, we regularly partner with reliable print houses who have both the capacity to bulk print to the highest standard, and the experience to keep on top of multiple languages and moving parts. Where possible, we do encourage our clients to keep things digital but where printing is necessary for practical reasons or to circumvent connectivity concerns in the field, our policy is to prioritise eco-friendly print houses that use sustainable print materials.

Absolutely. Remote production is something we have vast experience of and became a bit of a trademark for us during the COVID-19 pandemic, when travel was so restricted. We do this either through editing existing footage or, if there are suitable cameras available in the field, we can remotely produce the required content by liaising directly with field staff. In such cases, we provide extensive guidance materials, storyboards and shot lists to facilitate the process and hand hold as needed.

The most popular of all FAQs! The answer is that the animation process can vary enormously, based on the complexity of the visual components, character manipulations, the duration of the piece itself, whether additional language versions will be required, etc. In general, we tend to advise that a basic explainer video (90 seconds, based on simple 2D graphics) takes around 6 weeks to develop, whilst a longer more sophisticated piece (180 seconds, with full character manipulations and multiple layers of graphics) requires at least 16 weeks of production. If you’d like to see examples of each or learn more, do get in touch.

Website development is not something we offer as a core service, but we do have creative developers on our books who are always seeking opportunities to give back to the sector. If it’s straightforward website development that you’re looking for, we can connect you with the right creative and leave you to it! If you’re looking for a more comprehensive service (including copywriting, editing, and/or graphic design), this is very much our core offering and something we’re always happy to discuss further.


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