What we do

We are huge fans of visual communications that cut through the academic noise to educate, inspire and motivate. Our core offering is designed to bring life to ideas, to simplify complex concepts, or to simply illustrate a client’s existing tools to better engage a target audience.

In the aid sector, graphic design makes a difference. When applied well, it can help readers navigate, engage with, and retain information more easily. And that’s so important when time is tight and information load is high.

  • DATA: clearer with charts and infographics
  • BEST PRACTICES: more actionable with toolkits designed for usability
  • INSIGHTS: more memorable with visual storytelling

Through considered use of editorial design, illustration, icons and infographics, we design not just for appearance, but for effectiveness.

It’s no secret that the aid sector loves a jargon-heavy technical brief! But have you ever lost focus amidst all the words or worse, found yourself confused by a document that is intended to guide you?

When it comes to words, less is always more. Whether you’re drafting a report, updating a guidance manual, or producing a tip sheet for your field staff, our aim at Ibex is to help you translate the most complex terms into something clear, accessible and ultimately more human. Through copywriting, editing or a quick and sharp proof-read, we’ll help you craft your messaging and ensure it grabs your reader’s attention.


Video is often perceived as the holy grail of communications – and so it should be, for there is nothing more powerful than the ability to show, rather than tell. However, producing a video from scratch (be it user-generated, documentary-style, or animated) can be intimidating, particularly when both time and purse strings are limited.

At Ibex, our core belief is that where there’s a will, there’s a way. We will work with you through all phases of production – from initial concept through to final product – to create stories that are both sensitive and powerful…however small the budget, and whatever the need may be.



A single image has the power to transform an entire belief system, to emphasise a point, to bring to life a human story. At Ibex, we understand that capturing such imagery requires cultural sensitivity and a deep awareness and understanding of the vulnerability of crisis-affected communities.

We will work with you to ensure such sensitivities are taken on board and connect you with photographers whose experience and compassion matches your needs.


How we do it

Our experience of the aid sector has taught us that time constraints and lack of capacity can hugely impede the efficiency and quality of communications materials. Ibex exists to relieve our clients of this burden, to ‘take the reins’ as it were and provide an experienced bridge between the world of visual creativity and a sector that needs it.

We are facilitators: by fully managing the production process, our clients can focus on what they do best.

Our motto? Dream big, however short the shoestring

Who we work with

Across the aid sector, we support clients of all sorts – from leading humanitarian organisations to newly formed entities looking to make their mark.

Here are some of the brilliant organisations we’ve worked with recently:

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